The production departments and the avant-garde design studio were created to pursue our passion, a true laboratory of ideas that come to fruition.


Founded in the 1970s, Dal Pos Angelo Srl was envisioned by its founder, Angelo, as a workshop of high quality from the outset.

It started as an artisanal upholstery business where his wife Fernanda supported him with her skills, Over time their children Alessio, Luca, and Monica expanded the business to include the production of curtains and eventually transformed it into a workshop for processing materials such as wood, fabrics, solid surfaces, and various materials used in furnishings.

The 2000s were challenging years, economic difficulties tested us, and it was during those years that we became visionaries...


Today, Luca and Monica carry on the business with a human touch.
Alessio has pursued other paths but occasionally visits us, and Mom is always present while Dad remains in our hearts.


We are competent in what we do, and the enthusiasm for our work leads us to invest in our company to provide new stimuli, because ultimately, we love what we do.

We are Visionary Craftsmen, and our future is to be a reference point for visionary projects. We are deeply connected to our territory, immersed in the talent of Italian manufacturing culture since we were born.

For us, Made in Italy, or rather Product of Italy, is the art of embracing the most challenging projects and combining ideas with technology to achieve a unique result. We are technicians who creatively solve problems.

We take pleasure in paying attention to details, as they give us the satisfaction of doing something special. 

We are people who believe in the human value and its uniqueness that each of us expresses in the best way, that's why we do what we do, because we value people who have personality.

“I believe that human diversity is the beauty of being unique, of feeling somehow exclusive. Diversity attracts us and brings us together” (LUCA).

That's why our furnishings are always unique pieces, not only out of necessity and the pleasure of beauty, but also to propagate the uniqueness of the person who lives with them.

This gives us immense satisfaction and the courage to continue on this path. We want to spread Italian culture: craftsmanship, passion, skills, emotions, and dreams, leaving all of this as a legacy to future generations.

“I dream and envision myself in the future as the founder of a workshop/school that perpetuates Italian culture and craftsmanship, in an emotional, traditional, and visionary way, where the heritage of skills meets the creativity of the new generations.”